Montessori Schools


Dr. Montessori defined education as aid to life. She believed that to offer the child this help, he must live in a specially prepared environment that answers all his needs – physical and spiritual. It is widely accepted today that children are driven to learn from the moment they are born. A Montessori school assists this very natural process and removes the obstacles that the child may find in his path. The child is at the centre of the educational process, and the teacher follows the child and helps him to help himself.

Montessori is a word that has commonly come to be associated with the education of very young children. It is very hard to define a good Montessori school. However a school with full implementation of Montessori principles will have the following:

  • Mixed age classroom with 2 ½ to 6 year olds in the same class
  • A full range of Montessori materials on shelves within easy reach of the children
  • Free access to the materials at all times based on the choice of the children
  • No timetable for the day
  • Teachers holding AMI diplomas

Please note that the listings in this section are based on the information sent in by the schools. This list is neither an endorsement not a recommendation. The Indian Montessori Foundation takes no responsibility for any part of the content listed under each school.

If you know of a school not listed here, please email us their details or ask them to submit their information! We will get in touch with them.

Montessori Schools in India

North zone

Anubhav Montessori

Aseema Charitable Trust

Casa Montessori

Casa Vista Montessori Preschool

Crayonz Montessori Preschool & Child Care

Da Vinci Montessori

Daffodilbuds montessori

Discovery Montessori

Disharee Montessori House

Firstep Montessori School

Garden Montessori

Harmony Montessori

I Cube Montessori and Elementary

Joans Montessori Pre-school

Kinderhome Montessori

Lecole Montessori International

Little Butterflies Montessori

Little Noddy International Play School

Little Thinkers Montessori

Mongrace Montessori House

Montessori World

Orrizonte Montessori

Peace Montessori

Productive Minds

RTI Montessori School

Sapling Diya

Savi Montessori

Sketches Montessori


The Magic Years Montessori Pre School

The Montessori School Internationale

Trillium Montessori

Ubuntu Montessori


Vivek High School

South zone

Abacus Montessori School

Abhishta montessori house of children

ABODE Montessori & Multiple Intelligence School

ABODE Montessori & Multiple Intelligence School

Aim Montessori

Ankur Montessori House Of Children

Anthea Montessori House of Children

Anubhava Montessori House of Children

Anurag – The Montessori House of Children

Arunodoy Montessori House Of Children

Atreya Vidyaniketan

Balaravi Montessori House of Children

Bhavya Montessori School

Blooming Buds Montessori