Cremon Montessori Life School Mehdipatnam

Everything children encounter, we believe, adds to their bank of memories. At Cremon, we call these “The Songs of Life”.

Songs that have a definite beginning but no end.
We all keep composing these songs instinctively, guided by the hand of creation;
sometimes wide awake, sometimes dreaming but always alert;
sometimes happy, sometimes sad but always feeling.

Every person we meet adds to the tune.
Some teach us humility, some grace,
some composure and some peace.

We realize that life is not a rat race to be won
but a journey to be experienced.


Postal Address: 12-2-822, Opposite Pillar Number 23, Inside G Pulla Reddy Pharmacy College, Santosh Nagar, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad – 500028
E-mail Address:
Contact Number: +918885585843
Contact Person: Vinaya Palagiri

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