The History of Montessori

Even before the arrival of Dr. Montessori in India, she had captured many hearts in the sub-continent. From the first casa in 1907 in Rome, to the arrival of Dr. Montessori in India for the first AMI Montessori course in 1939 in Adyar – India had been fairly quick to catch on with the Montessori method.
The awareness of Montessori education and its benefits for the children during the first three years had been in the known from 1912 when Sarladevi Sarabhai, a young mother travelled to England and came across Montessori’s books during her journey in the ship.
The years that followed, brought in more awareness about Dr. Montessori’s educational method. At the invitation of Dr. Arundale and Rukmini Devi Arundale, Dr. Montessori arrived in Madras and conducted the first AMI course in Adyar in 1939. From then on, nearly eighty years now, Montessori education in India continues to transform the lives of children, inspire educators, Montessori practitioners and experts who want to create awareness about the importance of the early years in childhood.
The Montessori movement in India which started with a small group of people on the banks of the Adyar River, under the shade of the banyan tree in the Theosophical Society, is now deeply rooted. It is steadily growing in strength helping children reach their full potential.
The timeline that was drafted to chronicle the history of Montessori movement in India, continues to be filled with events that shows the immensity of the growth and awareness about the movement.

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