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IMF was established in 2009 to support and create awareness about Montessori principles among parents, teachers, educators and anyone interested in child development.

Dr. Montessori’s approach to education was based on observation of children from different backgrounds carried out in several countries around the world.

These observations led her to suggest that the development of an individual happens in 6 year cycles – infancy (0-6), childhood (6-12), adolescence (12-18) and maturity (18-24) leading to adulthood. The Montessori approach to education in all these stages, focuses on promoting independence, self-esteem, self-confidence and help children reach their full potential through purposeful activity for the hands and the intellect.

Although Dr. Montessori lived at the start of the 20th century and died in 1952, her intuitive understanding of the children and their development was ahead of its time. Today neuroscience is beginning to confirm that activity based education, an education based on the individual child’s interests that offers freedom and supports the child’s choices helps significantly in establishing cognitive functions and supports holistic development.

“My vision of the future is no longer of people taking exams and proceeding on that certification from the secondary school to the university, but of individuals passing from one stage of independence to a higher, by means of their own activity, through their own effort of will, which constitutes the inner evolution of the individual.”

-Maria Montessori  

What we do

IMF was established in 2009 in order to create awareness about Montessori principles and a common forum for anyone interested in child development. By supporting parents, teachers and schools, we support children by creating an awareness of the needs of children at different developmental stages.

We bring out two publications, the Touch Board and Montessori Matters to provide information on current events, issues and trends in education. We publish and publicise Montessori books, other journals and newsletters, educational materials and films to support the growth and strengthen the practice of Montessori education in society.

We organise talks, conferences and workshops on Montessori philosophy and current issues in education to foster dialogue and discussion on social conditions affecting the child’s environment among all stakeholders.


In this section we aim to gather a relevant and significant body of resources on Montessori pedagogy and related materials on child development. This is to serve both those looking for basic information as well as for those looking to update their knowledge. We believe that such resources will serve the community by generating dialogue and discussion around the important social questions around the child. We hope that as the community begins to access these resources people will write to us and share more links. 



We hope to provide common platforms in which people with common interests can collaborate, debate ideas and share experiences. This will enable us to build a strong community of professionals sharing knowledge, which would help better the lives of children across all strata of society.

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Indian Montessori Foundation organises three kinds of events – talks, workshops and conferences in all 4 cities – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai.  The talks and workshops are held in different parts of the cities at various venues. The conference is held once every two years in one of the four cities. 

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The Montessori movement in India started with a small but influential group of individuals who became involved in learning about children and their development. Soon the word spread and in the decades that followed, the Montessori movement has grown from strength to strength, leading to the Montessori congress in 2009, from which IMF was born.  
A voluntary organisation, IMF is run by small teams of committed individuals across India and abroad. The work done by the organisation has brought together like-minded Montessori practitioners, educators and experts who are in service of the children in various ways.
IMF strives to create an awareness of Montessori principles in the classroom and beyond. We engage with parents, teachers, educators through our events and publications. If you wish to volunteer with IMF, write to us at