AMI Courses in India

AMI Montessori course

An AMI Montessori course is well-known for its depth of philosophy and rigour of practice. The course is designed as a transformative experience. Students who complete the course become a part of a large Montessori family and have traditionally been welcomed into school communities wherever they go in the world. The training is in a way two-fold. It attempts to offer all-round professional training so that students who do the course may run effective Montessori environments.

On another level it attempts to affect the way adults perceive children, to offer them a deep understanding of Montessori principles, and an insight into the development of all human beings transcending social and cultural barriers. At present, there are four AMI Montessori centres in India. The courses run by these centres maintain the highest international academic standards required by AMI. Successful students are awarded an AMI diploma that is internationally recognised.

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