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Montessori Matters is the annual journal of the Indian Montessori Foundation.  It brings out serious articles on education by Montessori practitioners, educators and experts from other fields. Transcripts of lectures given at IMF and AMI conferences are also published. The journal is aimed at teachers and parents and presents important issues in education today.

The Touch Board is the newsletter of the Indian Montessori Foundation.  8 issues are published between July and March every school year carrying news of interest to all members of the Montessori community – AMI members, teachers, parents and alumni. The Touch Board is edited by a team of dedicated volunteers. Readers share information involving children at home or in the community and contribute articles of interest to the newsletter.

Thursday Talks are a series of monthly talks that are held in various Montessori schools in the cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai on the last Thursday of every month. The talks are intended to cover a range of subjects that relate to various aspects of child development.