Get Involved

What we do

IMF organises talks and events related to child development and Montessori education in four major cities. You can get involved in organising IMF events and talks in schools in your area.
IMF promotes the four AMI Montessori training centres and their work in India. Find out about international Montessori training if you would like to work with children. You can find a job as teacher both in India and abroad.


IMF can help connect you to organisations looking for volunteers to bring Montessori understanding to children in disadvantaged communities. You might like to volunteer some time reading to children or help to make materials.
IMF publishes Montessori books. We also produce didactic materials for children. Do get in touch with us to find out more about the books if you are interested in reaching them to a wider community.

Newsletter & Journal

IMF publishes The Touch Board newsletter. You can contribute articles of interest on Montessori education or child development or on a range of other topics to The Touch Board.
IMF publishes Montessori Matters, an annual journal. Are you interested in research? If you would be interested in writing academic papers on relevant issues in current child education in India do contact us and send in your resume with some papers you have written.  
For those interested in getting involved, IMF offers these resources:
Courses, Events, Montessori Books and Furniture, Subscriptions, Endowment Fund, and an Alumni program.
For more information on these resources, please go over the following section, or feel free to get in touch with us.