Darwin Public School

Darwin Public School is a vibrant, passionate, and enthusiastic Montessori & ICSE community; an inspirational working model of learning for life. Darwin Public School’s philosophy is to foster independence, love of learning, and positive sense of self in a prepared environment. Every child is respected and encouraged to function independently at his or her own developmental rate. By making the most of our close-knit community, children are given the best care and attention throughout the entire day that allows us to develop positive, long-lasting relationships with the children and their families. Our faculty is caring, highly trained professionals with knowledge about child psychology who passionately aid in developing confidence and self-esteem at every stage of a child’s development.

Postal Address: 32, Puthagram Road, Water Canal Road, Chennai – 600099
E-mail Address: info@darwinschool.com
Contact Number: +914448134608
Contact Person: Manju Dominic
Website: https://www.darwinschool.com/

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