Cascade Family Learning Services

We are an organised Montessori homeschooling cooperative, offering Montessori classrooms from ages 1.5 to 17 years till school completion. Parents are much involved in running of the place, including roles as accountants, volunteers, and trained guides after the required Montessori training. We are open through the year, and we also admit students through the year depending on vacancy positions. Our eco-system offering liberating education to children and learning families. Partaking responsibilities in the cooperative and attending weekly study circles are mandatory expectations as per our guidelines. Pre-requisites for admission are mentioned in our website, prior Montessori experience is desirable for higher class admissions.

Postal Address: E 153, 7th Cross Street, Besant Nagar, Chennai – 600090
E-mail Address:
Contact Number: +919444606456, +918825717161
Contact Person: Vidya Shankar

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