Bumblbees Casa dei Bambini

Bumblbees Casa dei Bambini, led by following the methodology of Dr. Maria Montessori, strives to implement an authentic “Children’s House”. It is recognised as a philosophy of life and human development. Inherent in this philosophy is a profound respect for the needs of the whole child. The prepared Montessori environment supports children to grow at their own pace and to independently discover their individual strengths and potential. We are located in Karanai, Thalambur Road close to OMR Navalur and Shollinganallur.

Postal Address: No.10, Wing Haven Garden Extension, Karanai, Thalambur Road, Chennai – 600130
E-mail Address: bumblbeesmontessori@gmail.com
Contact Number: +919538527111, +917305472016

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