i Discover Academy

i Discover Academy is one of the schools which truly maintains a nature oriented environment for children from 2 to 11 years and follows Maria Montessori’s vision very clearly and sincerely. It is a very warm environment for children who do not want to feel the pressure of learning in the traditional way.¬†Children seem to be very relaxed and free in i Discover because the school’s focus is on nature. The school has outdoor classrooms and special locations for the students to do their academic work outside the classrooms. The basic ideals of i Discover Academy is of respecting nature and it’s cycles, aiming to spread awareness through students and living sustainable lives. Gardening, pottery, weaving and nature walks are some of the earth-based activities that the school provides to its students.

Postal Address: #5/15, Heelalige Main Road, Andhapura Village, Chandapura Post, Bengaluru – 560099
E-mail Address: idiscoveracademy@gmail.com, idiscovermont@gmail.com
Contact Number: +919620917979
Contact Person: Upasana Chowdhary
Website: http://www.idiscovermontessori.org

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