Abacus Montessori School

Abacus is a contemporary Montessori school which strives for a balance of academic achievement, concern for the child and a strong value system.

Through the Montessori Method, children in Abacus are encouraged to learn through practical experience and self-discovery within a carefully prepared child-oriented environment. Aided by scientifically prepared material for each stage of development, the trained teacher guides the child to develop a well-adjusted, balanced personality.

Every decision about every aspect of school management is deeply questioned and thought out, taking into account, above all, the needs of the child, and through that, the development of the teacher, the participation of the parent and the inclusion of the community.

The school has 420 children from primary to class 12 and is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi.

Postal Address: 3, Thirumalai Nagar Annexe, III Main Road, Perungudi, Chennai – 600096
E-mail Address: abacusmontessorischool@gmail.com
Contact Number: +914424960904, +914424963823
Website: www.abacusnow.com

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