Cremon Buds

‘The only work of the child is to play!’ At Cremon Buds, we create an environment that focuses on the child’s development through activities which develop their social, emotional and physical growth. Cremon Buds, a Montessori school, was started in February 2013 to assist children in their desire to explore the world around them and recognize the need to be independent in their quest. Professionally trained teachers gain their trust and encourage them to try new things and help them build their self-confidence. We help children experience the joy of learning and reach their full potential in all areas of life.

Postal Address: Plot No. 48, P & T Colony, Karkhana, Opposite Ratnadeep, Secunderabad – 500026
E-mail Address:
Contact Number: +919704777188, +919949469007
Contact Person: G Rama

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