Eka Montessori house of Children

Eka is started with a vision of helping children realise their maximum potential and also maintain their creativity, imagination and innocence. At Eka, we strive to give a strong foundation to children which will help them become independent, decisive and strong human beings and help them grow true to their self.

Eka is located amidst lined boulevards of Kumara park which is a quiet corner in the middle of the hustling bustling heart of the city.

Natural lighting, soft colours and uncluttered spaces set the stage for activity that is focussed and calm.

Postal Address: #11, 10th Cross, 12th Block, Kumarapark (W), Bengaluru – 560020
E-mail Address: info@ekamontessori.com
Contact Number: +919886650123
Contact Person: Anita, Shubha

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