Montessori World Preschool

We at Montessori World Preschool are following Maria Montessori’s method of education. Our house of children is guided by Hiral Manish Shah who is a master trainer of Montessori Method of Education. She has been trained in Ratan Tata Institute, Mumbai. We offer Montessori training and consultancy for the Montessori setup and curriculum. Hiral Shah has the aim to guide the students with actual Montessori methodology. We have five branches of our school and are offering zero royalty pattern for those who wish to follow the principles of Maria Montessori.

Postal Address: 22/23, Sukhdham Upavan Society, Behind Ananya Girls hostel, Waghodia Dabhoi Ring Road, Narayan School Road, Vadodara – 390025
E-mail Address:
Contact Number: +918320481450, +919879551932
Contact Person: Hiral Manish Shah

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