White Gold Montessori School

White Gold Montessori School (WGMS), was started in 2004, by Hafeesa Siraj, from an illustrious family of educationalists. She was so passionate about the philosophy of Montessori & felt the need for Montessori in North Chennai, so that children in this neighbourhood will benefit from the concept. She conducted school visits, exhibitions for public from the neighbourhood and explained the philosophy and over the years, WGMS has built an unshakable reputation in North Chennai that it is a school for the happiness of Children. Parents enroll children in WGMS so that they get a strong foundation.

Postal Address: 29, Perambur High Road, Perambur, Chennai – 600012
E-mail Address: wgschoolchennai@gmail.com
Contact Number: +919380896349, +914448531662
Contact Person: Hafeesa Siraj
Website: wgmonteschool.com

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