Little Thinkers Montessori

We aim to provide students with Montessori education at affordable rates, trying to ensure that every child has a chance to learn. Our Montessori independent study programs are customized for each child separately. You are not confined to pre-set module or required to perform time-consuming rote learning with little benefit.

Our programs are designed to efficiently and effectively prepare you to teach using the Montessori method of education without overwhelming your child. Indeed, most of our students continue to enrollĀ and integrate seamlessly in main stream schools.

Our number one priority has always been and will be our students. Whether you need academic advice, tutoring guidance, administrative assistance, or other Montessori information, we take the time to listen to you and provide the answers you need.

Postal Address: Unit No 107-108, Nyati Eternity Commercial I, Near Country Club, Undri, Pune – 411060
E-mail Address:
Contact Number: +919920878945
Contact Person: Alizeh Hussain

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