Pebble Creek Life School Thumkunta

At Pebble Creek we believe in giving our children true choice and real
opportunities to experiment, explore, adapt and apply. Our
learning-teaching methodology is founded on Montessori Philosophy. The
exposure to diversity and the interaction within the school
environment allows our children to build perspectives about different
walks of life, and pose meaningful questions about what goes on around
them – from sighting a butterfly and understanding school policies, to
events that affect the larger community.
Most of our projects, activities and events in school are student-led,
be it deciding the theme, planning or execution, and are guided by the
core values of safety, love, nurturing humanitarian values and

Postal Address: 4-43/1, Opposite Mogulla Ramakrishna Function Hall, Thumukunta, Shamirpet Mandal, Hyderabad – 500078
E-mail Address:
Contact Number: +917702848855
Contact Person: Joyce

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