RTI Montessori School

Our school’s tenets are based on Dr. Montessori’ philosophy that “Education is an Aid to Life”. RTI Montessori School follows the Montessori philosophy in its true spirit where great faith is exercised in the child. The child is a natural learner and works incessantly, striving to construct his being according to his time, place and culture.

The delicate work of educating the child is carried out through the areas of: practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics and culture. Culture has aspects of geography, history, botany, zoology, geometry, art, music etc.

Our school environment enhances the child’s natural tendency for exploration, organization, concentration, communication, repetition, perfection, independence and discipline and therefore helps him in his adaptation.

Postal Address: Ratan Tata Institute, 30/35 N.S. Patkar Marg, Hughes Road, Mumbai – 400007
E-mail Address: rtimontessori@gmail.com
Contact Number: +912266648847, +919820612600, +912222811973, +919167364525, +918082006093, +912223811717
Contact Person: Archana Somani, Riddhi Rambhia, Anushka Dhotre
Website: https://rtischool.org/

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