Reading Folders


Developed by Muriel Dwyer the Reading Folders offer young children who are starting to read the important idea that in English a sound may be represented with many letter combinations. The material consists of a series of 14 folders, each one representing a key sound — ai, ee, ie, oa, oo, oi, ow, er, or, s, f, e, j. In each folder there are cards representing the various ways in which the key sound can be written. Accompanied by little booklets with words containing the combinations and a sound dictionary to look up the combinations the materials help the young reader gain experience with the complexities of spelling and meaning in English.

The Reading Folders Set from the IMF is made out of durable quality jute. It comes in a bag that includes 14 folders with each key sound (ai, ee, ie, oa, oo, oi, ow, er, or, s, f, e, j) printed on top and respective booklets in each of the folders to represent the key sound. Also included in the set is a Sound Dictionary.