Silver Spoon Series


This series features work from journalist Abhinav Ramnarayan and artist Mari I’Anson.

Abhinav studied English literature for five years in India before going to the UK to pursue a degree in journalism. He has worked as a reporter in both India and the UK, and has written on a variety of subjects, more recently on economic issues in Western Europe.

Mari started her career as an artist in a local art school in Somerset in England and worked as a free-lance fashion artist and her watercolours and canvases have been displayed in solo and shared exhibitions in London and around the world. Her sketches bring life to the stories and supports the children following the simple plots.


Year Printed     : May 2015
ISBN Level 1 (RED)       : 978-81-929891-5-0
ISBN Level 2 (Green)   : 978-81-929891-6-7