From Childhood to Adolescence


By Maria Montessori​
Published​: ​June 2013
Reprint​​:​ November 2017
ISBN​​:​ 978-81-929891-2-9

Dr. Montessori’s early work with little children is well known. What is perhaps not so well known is the fact that Dr. Montessori was interested in the whole journey of a human being from birth to maturity. Her vision includes not just the sensorial infant who absorbs all that is in his environment, but also the  intellectual being that he becomes, who eventually matures into the sensitive empathetic teenager. The human individual needs support all through his journey to adulthood. In this book Dr. Montessori clearly sets out an educational plan for older children. The techniques she describes, the materials she recommends and the wonder with which the world is explored are as fresh in scope today as they were in her time.