Foundations of Montessori Pedagogy


A.M. Joosten
Published ​:​January 2018

Albert Max Joosten (1914-1980) was a Montessori trainer and practitioner whose life and work has had far reaching impact on the Indian subcontinent. His legacy of training was rigorous and meaningful. He brought the Montessori message of education for peace and social harmony to Montessori teachers across generations. He was known and admired for his lively personality and powerful lecturing style. This book is an eclectic collection of essays that were written by Joosten over forty years. Some of them focus on Montessori materials and techniques and some on the practices in the Montessori environment. However all of them call us to return to the foundations of Montessori pedagogy, the importance of creating conditions in which children can develop to their fullest potential and thus bring about in turn the spiritual uplift of humankind.