Olivia Montessori

We are seeking a capable individual for two positions:

1. Directress – Toddler Program (1.5-3 years)
2. Assistant – Primary Program (3-6 years)

Job Requirements:
1. Excited to work with toddlers
2. Fluent in English and is able to communicate well with parents and peers.
3. AMI (0-3/3-6) training is ideal or certification in ECCE or other pre-school education is also ideal.
4. Should be creative and be able to think on the feet.
5. Prior experience with toddlers or in a school would be an advantage.

Positions are immediate.

Please send in your resumes to oliviabengaluru@gmail.com

Contact Details
Contact Number: +919821375642
Postal Address: 33, 1st Cross Road, Shantivana, Sanjeevini Nagar, Bengaluru – 560092

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