Flourish School Pune

We are currently seeking a Montessori trained teacher for our new Elementary Studio serving children between the ages of 6 and 10. Actually, “teacher” is not the right word at all. You will be a guide.

Some of the qualities that we are looking for:
You have had Montessori-based training and have worked with young children. (Teaching experience not required).
You are totally fine dealing with new things. We are a very different kind of school. So, a lot of things may need to be unlearned.
You are kind but can be firm at the same time.
Your friends describe you as an organised person who plans ahead.
You are able to quickly learn and teach yourself things that you haven’t encountered before.
You are technologically savvy. You know your way around the web, Microsoft Office, email, etc.
You are conversant in English.

Bonus points for:
Knowing what Socratic discussions are. Additional points for leading them in the past.
Having actual “guide” experience in which you were a mentor to children or peers. (Scout guides, Sport coaches, etc.).
Knowledge of additional languages besides English. Especially: Hindi & Marathi.

Your responsibilities:
You will be a guide at the Flourish School in Pune for our Elementary Studio. You will lead our daily Socratic discussions and help our young learners build their self-paced, learning goals and then get out of the way.

You will never answer a question. Instead, you will answer questions with further questions – guiding our young learners to the right answer. One of our core principles is to equip our learners to be able to find answers on their own.

You will work with us in developing and planning projects that our learners will undertake.

In the end, you will be a game-maker, challenging our young learners and egging them on at the right places without much tutoring.

How to Apply:
If all of this sounds like you, awesome!
Head over to: https://flourishschool.org/careers/ for more details, and how to apply.

Contact Details
E-mail Address: careers@flourishschool.org
Contact Number: +919923700629

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